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How to write your company’s vision and mission.


A few days ago I saw an interview from the founder of a chain of restaurants that is very successful in Spain. This good man said that his company vision is to become leader in its sector and that their mission is to become a Lovemark. Luckily not all business founders are like this guy. I meet visionary entrepreneurs regularly and they all think on a different level. The definitions of Vision and Mission are in one of those grey areas of marketing, where everyone can express a different shade of the concept. Ask twenty practitioners and you will probably get twenty slightly different definitions. This legitimizes me to offer my version […]

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Brands, brand culture and Sean Connery’s kilt


A friend of the family commented recently a post on Oxana’s Facebook wall with a very flattering definition of our couple. He is an extremely intelligent and cultivated person, so we welcomed the compliment with humble joy and discussed the definition today over lunch. A casual comment can actually tell a lot about Oxana and myself as a couple as well as about our dear friend. How did he come to select that specific adjective to distinguish us from all the other couples in Barcelona? We are talking about identity here: it’s an important subject. There is a debate in contemporary anthropology on the meaning of identity. In his book […]

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Agenda setting and the cooperative storyteller


Fight for survival is not only the key story associated with Charles Darwin’s theory of the evolution of species. It is also the underlying belief that guides many business leaders and their brand managers. If you think of it from a storytelling point of view, it is not a surprise that the survival story told in The Origin of Species is so successful. It implies conflict (of the life-or-death kind), it has a linear development (evolution), and it invites us to engage empathically with the characters, because our species, too, is in fact involved in the mechanics of survival. Modern biology, nevertheless, shows that evolution requires not only fight but […]

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Brand, myths and the true value of storytelling

Centauro (1)-1

The ultimate reason for a brand to exist is for its contribution to people’s happiness. Fulfilling needs and creating prosperity, what we may believe are the reward we chase through brands, are just tools for the ultimate goal to be pursued: happiness. In this sense, we are giving brands a very special status. We are demanding that they do not only play in the mundane field of desires and needs, but transcend our material world, serving us in our quest for happiness. Yes, happiness is transcendental stuff. It does not come with buying a supercar or a mansion with views over the sea. These things are desireable and may give […]

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Anne, marathons and the brand


It is Sunday the 24th of November, when I am writing this post. Anne, a dear friend of the family, dropped by our place, after running the 10km Jean Bouin Challenge. Here in Barcelona, marathons and similar challenges have become popular and the most successful gather tens of thousands of runners of all ages. Anne joins many. She is an active person and loves both the physical and the social aspects of the endeavor. I believe that like her, most of the participants of marathons enjoy the emotion that being one of many thousands runners must offer. It is possible that a subconscious red line unites them. The men and […]

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Branding and the power of point of view


In promoting our brand, we have three key objectives. We want our story to be listened to, we want our public to engage with that story, and we want them to pass the story on to their peers. Easy said, but not as easily done.  How do we make sure our story strikes a chord with the individuals in our public? The secret, as always, is in putting ourselves in the shoes of those we interact with. I have talked in other posts of the need for empathy in the conversation we hold with our public. It is key that we understand who is in front of us and offer them a story that resolves their […]

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Is your brand loyal?

Gary Vaynerchuck

Paul Gorrell is an executive coach and an influential voice for the LGBT community. He has recently written a story in the Huffington post in which Gary Vaynerchuck’s idea of The Thank You Economy  is compared to the power of the Loyalty Economy. In his book, Vaynerchuck states that Internet has taken the economy back to a time when the personal relationship with the customer is possible and indeed necessary. According to Paul Gorrell, The Wine Library  Gary Vaynerchuck’s wine retail business, is a compelling example of how the thank you economy works. Mr. Gorrell knows well The wine library, because he used to be a loyal customer. But something went wrong at […]

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Brands that talk too much


Aren’t you tired of the blog posts that teach you how to do something? I receive alerts from quite a number of blogs I respect and quite frankly, I seldom open a post that announces to reveal the secrets of how to engage with my public or how to increase my Twitter followers. I have done it for quite a long time, but it’s over now. I have enough. I believe that my change in preferences reflects a curve that is typical in the behaviour of consumers. I have satisfied my need for basic understanding of the rules of online marketing and am now in need of stories that inspire […]

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Brandland is in the gap


The producers of the famous Mexican beer Corona have created some of the most subtly emotional commercials in the history of advertising. The setting is normally an exotic, sunny and peaceful beach, where the only sound heard is that of the waves. In one commercial a couple is ready to depart at the end of their holidays. The return tickets are in their hands. They hesitate for a while but finally rip the tickets in two pieces and put two bottles of Coronita on them. The camera zooms out to show a paradisiac beach and the couple sets back in their hammocks with the boy putting off his shoes. Douglas […]

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